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Tuesday, October 15 2013, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Negotiation: Compete or Problem-Solve?

Tuesday, Oct. 15, Noon - 1pm, AMU 233

It's a simple question with a not so simple answer: in a negotiation, when should you compete and when should you problem-solve? What happens when we adopt the correct style? What happens when we don't? "Negotiation: Compete or Problem-Solve?" will examine answers to these questions, and is based on Gain the Edge! by Martin Latz.

"Negotiation: Compete or Problem-Solve?" is a Dispute Resolution Association Presentation-Workshop. DRA Presentation-Workshops are designed to combine theory with practice. Participants are invited to come and learn about the theory in an interactive presentation-workshop format designed to help participants leave knowing how to put that theory into use.

AMU 233

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